Area51 stats:

committed users
315 users committed
75.9% signed up for beta
7% fulfilled commitment

Only 7% of the people who committed to the site actively participated for 3 months and asked/answered 10 questions. That's 17 / 239 who signed up for the beta. What can we do to get the remaining 222 people to be more active?


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We do send out an automatic, gentle nag reminder mail to those users who do not fulfill their commitment, or even visit the site.

I think I'd focus on promoting the site through the traditional methods:

Will this site be closed again? Is there a possibility of continuing it elsewhere?


Other sites with low fulfilled commitment percentages are Startup Business and Code Review. Note that the former has a lot of Excellent metrics whereas the latter is mostly Okay. So I doubt the percent of fulfillment is predictive.

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    $\begingroup$ Startup Business has a long history before SE 2.0, so I wouldn't take it as a representative case. $\endgroup$ May 5, 2011 at 9:22

Based on my experience on the SharePoint site, I suspect that the formula for fulfilling one's commitment has changed. It used to be answer 10+ questions but now appears to be answer 10+ non-wiki questions and get 200+ reputation.


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