I noticed that syntax highlighting is not enable yet on our site.

I am a believer that our site is not meant to answer blunt programming questions even if they have financial implications. However, we would gladly accept specific implementation questions where they are not basic, well explained and well documented. Doing this is sometimes not easy and can yield to large chunks of code. When this is the case, syntax highlight comes in handy and gives readers a better look-and-feel.

Usually this feature works in conjunction with tags (the question tag determines how code will be highlighted), but we have previously decided with mods that language-tags were not accepted here and were to be made synonyms of the programming tag, which I still think is a good approach. There is nevertheless a possibility to manually specific in posts which language is being used by adding a line of the type:

<!-- language: lang-or-tag-here -->

Therefore, I would like to suggest that StackExchange enable this feature for us.

What do you think?


I see no good reason to not do this and the benefits are clear. So I fully agree, let's do this.


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