To the extent that the site is focusing on quantitative finance, it would seem that questions about banks, hedge funds, and other institutions might not be within the scope.

Prompted by this question:

What is the consensus? Should we allow questions about institutions involved in quantitative finance, or is that too "meta"?


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No. I have updated the FAQ as follows:

The Quantitative Finance Stack Exchange is intended specifically for professionals and traders working in investment banking, and academics involved in teaching and research.

Topics include pricing of securities, derivatives, options, risk modeling, quantitative techniques, and the mathematics used in quantitative finance.

This is not a place to ask questions about general consumer finance or personal investments (see https://money.stackexchange.com/)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve that.


Ugh, no no no. These types of "Help me understand the FT" questions are going to be the death of this site. That's the kind of nonsense that shows-up on Wilmott.

That same poster also asked:

I voted to close both of them.


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