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What counts as an Easy / Beginner Question?

Recently, I posted a question that closed because it was considered a beginner's question. Here is a link to the question: It is not clear to me what counts as a beginner's question. The question came ...
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What to do with 'simple' questions?

over the last years I have made the observation that we have a lot of questions in this board that may be deemed 'simple' from and are commmonly answered using the comment-function instead of the ...
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Should only 3 users be allowed to close questions?

This question is a follow up on my previous question on Quant Meta SE here and on what was suggested in the comments on the Main Meta SE here (i.e. to ask another question here on Quant Meta, with a ...
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Too many low quality posts recently

Edit (25 Feb 2021): as per the discussion on the Meta SE in the comments underneath my question there, it was suggested I ask a new question here on Quant SE Meta with a much narrower scope, such as &...
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Should changing the phrasing of titles to a question be discouraged long after a question has been asked and answered?

The following question, originally titled Skill vs. luck: Separating the wheat from the chaff, is one of our most popular questions, and for good reason. It is an interesting question, and many ...
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Math formatting in text editor.

Just noticed that there is no shortcut in the text-editor to start-stop MathJax environment. I personally didn't need it but some users might not see the tips on the right; hence it could be useful ...
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