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How are badges introduced or retired?

I recently noticed that the badge Tumbleweed was retired. How are these decisions made?
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Are there badges that do not show up on badges under the profile?

I recently got a badge "Tumbleweed" which is not listed on "choose next badge to track". How can one know which badges exist in total?
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What is the "CleanUp" badge?

I wondered about what was the Cleaup badge. In the explanation of this badge it says: First rollback; English is not my mothertongue and I do not understand what it means. Moreover, can you explain ...
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How to get this badge?

Publicist Badge: "Shared a link to a question that was visited by 1000 unique IP addresses" What exactly does this mean? Should I share a question 1000 times and get 1000 views from it, or is it ...
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Missing badges?

I am missing the Nice Answer and Enlightened badges for this answer. The minimum vote tally and the acceptance came in weeks ago. Is anyone else missing a badge? I may have to raise this on Meta SO.
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