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Disagree as to reason why my question was closed

My question was closed. The reason given is that the answer is "common knowledge". I certainly do not believe it is common knowledge as to which mechanism is the best predictor of Bank of ...
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Are pedagogical questions off-topic?

Note: If downvote for meta means no to a yes/no question, then... Edit: Ah, a downvote. Ok so I guess it's ON-topic. I am asking because of this Is it fair in an introductory stochastic calculus/...
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The off topic dialog should allow us to tag a question as belonging on another site

When a user asks a question that is clearly better on a programming site like stack exchange the natural thing to do is to flag it as closed as "Off topic because" and then "belongs on another site". ...
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Can we add Personal Finance and Money as an option for off-topic sites in the close votes review?

Currently the only option seems to be Meta. Is it possible to add Personal Finance and Money? It seems to be the most popular reason that a legitimate (but off-topic) question is closed. I'm not sure ...
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