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Advice on modifying a question for re-opening?

I have a question posted here regarding what is common knowledge with regards to handling a relatively common non-homogeneous data stream (time & sales and level 2 data from an exchange) that is ...
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Dealing with new users asking basic questions

How should we treat basic questions from new users that normally get closed for being off-topic, but are not completely alienating (i.e. "solve my homework for me")? Obviously, basic ...
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Disagree as to reason why my question was closed

My question was closed. The reason given is that the answer is "common knowledge". I certainly do not believe it is common knowledge as to which mechanism is the best predictor of Bank of ...
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Question has been marked duplicate with unrelated topic

I posted the following question: Looking for techniques or tools to add news/technical events to historical price charts The question asks about visualizing news events on price chart time axis. ...
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Are pedagogical questions off-topic?

Note: If downvote for meta means no to a yes/no question, then... Edit: Ah, a downvote. Ok so I guess it's ON-topic. I am asking because of this Is it fair in an introductory stochastic calculus/...
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Should only 3 users be allowed to close questions?

This question is a follow up on my previous question on Quant Meta SE here and on what was suggested in the comments on the Main Meta SE here (i.e. to ask another question here on Quant Meta, with a ...
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Data source question, freshness and relevance of "Sources lists"

I have a question about my Quantitative Finance Stack Exchange post: Commodities API data source First I don't mean to come to community and instantly question the way it works but please bare with ...
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Should reputation on this site be required before asking a question?

I just did some research on the rate of closed questions on this and other, similar sites. Of our most recent 50 questions, 19 have been closed. At least nine of those questions were asked by users ...
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