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Which migration paths make sense to be enabled?

Quant.SE has finally graduated! 🎓🍾 This means that migration paths can be enabled and as indicated elsewhere a migration to Stats is a logical path. Could other migration paths also make sense? ...
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Question migration

Since we have finally graduated, it seems like we should be eligible for question migration paths with the rest of the SE network (see here). However, it seems to me like when trying to migrate an ...
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0 answers

Should statistics-heavy questions be directed to Cross Validated?

I have noticed a lot of questions on QF that are 90% or more about statistics and hardly depend on the financial application at hand. Since there exists a sister site Cross Validated for statistical ...
3 votes
2 answers

Migrating threads to Cross Validated

Should there be an option for migrating threads to Cross Validated under Flag --> Should be closed --> ...
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Why was "Annual volatility and observed monthly returns" migrated?

That question can be interpreted in various ways, from the trivial to the slightly challenging. In the latter case it might not belong to money.stackexchange, so in these situations it should be ...
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Economics.SE is closing, do we want some of their questions?

The Economics Stack Exchange beta will be closed down next week along with a bunch of other quiescent beta sites. There's a movement building up (approved by the SE staff) to migrate as much of the ...
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Are programming questions involving quantitative finance libraries in scope?

The following question, using quantlib function in my c++ program, asks about the usage of a popular quantitative finance library, QuantLib, but the question itself does not relate to quantitative ...
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